Getting Started with Scaled Customer Success

Getting Started with Scaled Customer Success

“Customer Success” is when customers achieve their objectives using your solution. If this happens with a minimal or acceptable amount of friction then they are likely to stay and possibly grow with your company.

CS Leaders are challenged to make this happen consistently in many situations including:

  • Expanding Customer Base - The volume of customers is growing such that the existing ways of operating Customer Success no longer work.
  • Global Customer Base - Customers are increasingly located around the world and the existing team is not able to help when they are online.
  • Customer Expectations - Users increasingly expect help and guidance whenever they need it and traditional human-centered scheduled solutions will not work.
  • High number of low-value customers  - Thousands of accounts would require an army of CSMs.
  • Cost Efficiency - CS budgets have been reduced and expectations have increased.

If you fall into any of these categories, a scaled customer success solution can likely help. This category of Digital Customer Success will minimize the level of human help needed to achieve those desired outcomes.  

Key capabilities to scale customer success include

Customer 360 - Easily work with all of your data to use all of those inputs as part of segmentation and goal setting.

Product Usage Information - Track to improve key feature utilization.

Customer Goal Tracking - Record your customer outcomes and create impactful personalization based on their status to help get them there.

Segmentation and Personalization - Segmenting customers by key attributes and personalize messaging.

Visual Customer Flows - Easily build personalized messaging flows to ensure goals are reached

Omni-channel  engagement - Engage with users where they are - in product, via email, slack or elsewhere.

Measurable ROI - Show users how much value they are getting.

We, here at Fulcrum, are passionate about the scaled CX topic. Give us a shout if you want to chat further.

Tom Blossom