Adaptable Segmentation: The next generation of customer personalization

Adaptable Segmentation: The next generation of customer personalization

In today's hyper-competitive business landscape, the concept of customer segmentation has become a staple for product and growth teams striving to target their audience effectively. However, as technology advances and customer expectations evolve, the traditional methods of segmentation seem more like using a typewrite in 2023. It's time to embrace a more dynamic and impactful approach - Adaptable Segmentation.

The Limits of Conventional Audience Segmentation

Picture this: businesses gathering data from various sources, creating customer lists based on predefined rules, and then deploying these lists to email marketing tools. This old-school approach oversimplifies a tool that could be the linchpin of growth strategies. The manual and static nature of these segments ultimately hinder product adoption, account activation, and monetization.

While segmentation should ideally break down functional silos across product, growth, marketing, and sales, in practice, it has been confined to email marketing tools alone. This leaves immense untapped potential on the table. Segmentation, in its current form, isn't fully equipped to support the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

The Dawn of Adaptable Segmentation

Adaptable segments are not static entities; they evolve in tandem with your customer mix and business goals. These segments continuously learn from customer behavior, user communications, and business outcomes. As a result, they adapt over time, ensuring they always align with your company's objectives.

By embracing Adaptable Segmentation, businesses can create consistent cross-channel experiences for their customers, whether it's through the product itself or email communications. This seamless experience fosters engagement and ultimately leads to better outcomes.

Adaptable Segmentation transforms segmentation from a passive technique into a proactive growth driver. At its core, Adaptable Segmentation understands the specific goals of each customer segment, constantly tracks their performance indicators, and evolves to recommend better segmentation strategies aligned with these goals.

Imagine having a segmentation framework that acts as the beating heart of your company's growth strategy, driving toward key business KPIs. Adaptable segments take this concept to the next level, serving as a foundation for cross-team collaboration and achievement of organizational OKRs.

Empowering Every Team for Success

  1. Empowering Growth Teams: Adaptable segments enable growth teams to focus on critical areas such as activation and upgrades to paid services. They automatically understand user needs across the whole customer base and serve relevant in-product and out-of-product experiences in minutes.
  2. Fueling Product Teams: For product teams, Adaptable Segmentation translates into greater feature adoption and enhanced product education. With insights into customer behaviors and preferences, product teams can fine-tune their offerings to better suit customer needs.
  3. Supercharging Marketing Efforts: Adaptable segments become the bedrock of hyper-targeted campaigns. Marketing teams can craft messages that deeply resonate with specific segments, resulting in improved ROI. Moreover, they can gain a better understanding of the impact of their campaigns across different touchpoints.
  4. Enabling Sales Teams: Converting product-qualified accounts becomes more efficient when using Adaptable Segmentation. Sales teams gain insights into the needs and preferences of potential customers, enabling them to tailor their interactions and offerings to increase conversion rates.

The time has come for a segmentation revolution. The static, one-size-fits-all approach of traditional customer segmentation is no longer sufficient in a world that demands personalization, adaptability, and seamless integration across teams. Adaptable Segmentation offers a new paradigm that empowers businesses to optimize customer engagement, drive growth, and achieve their most ambitious goals.

As product and growth professionals, it's time to shift our mindset from the past to the future. Let's harness the power of Adaptable Segmentation and unleash its potential to drive our businesses forward, one customer segment at a time.

Sharad Bhadouria
AJ Jindal