Data Warehouse to Pendo

Fulcrum brings Snowflake, BigQuery and Redshift data together, acts as a co-pilot for segmentation by automatically recommending key user segments to drive business outcomes, and syncs directly with Pendo for no-code segmentation.

Data Warehouse to create targeted Pendo guides

We connect all your customer data in minutes

Connect customer 360 data including company profiles, product behavior, sales, and marketing automation data. Fulcrum automatically understands the context and creates dynamic segments in minutes.

Big Query to Fulcrum
Snowflake to Fulcrum Sync
Redshift to Fulcrum sync
Amplitude to Fulcrum sync
Mixpanel to Fulcrum sync
Marketo to Fulcrum sync
Iterable to Fulcrum sync
Pendo to Fulcrum sync
Segment to Fulcrum sync
Salesforce to Fulcrum sync
AI-powered Adaptive Segments

Personalize AI to your needs

Segments must align with business goals to drive real results. Don't waste time on traditional tools that rely on manual user list creation. Let Fulcrum automatically build your objective segments within minutes.

Fulcrum segmentation
Audience Segment KPI impact
Business Impact

Goals-Based Segments with Measurable ROI Impact

Gain insights into segment effectiveness by measuring their impact on your specific goals. Visualize KPI impact trends and watch our AI model improve recommendations based on this data.

Unified Experience

Designed for Product and Growth Marketers

Create consistent cross-channel experiences in minutes. Sync Segments to your application code through our robust SDKs & APIs. Enjoy no-code targeting for product walkthrough tools like Pendo and seamless integration with email marketing platforms for consistent cross-channel experiences.

Fulcrum segmentation

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