Building Adaptive Customer Segmentation

We believe segmentation can help break down functional silos, create common framework for execution and drive business growth in minutes.

Our Belief

Everyone’s doing segmentation the old way. It goes something like this: Connect a few data sources, create user list based on some rules and send them to your marketing tools. These tools are ineffective, exorbitantly expensive and only available to large enterprises.

We believe, this needs to change. There isn’t a single goals-based segmentation platform in the market today. In today’s AI-first world none of the tools tell you what segments to target. Neither do they provide feedback loop about the impact of these segments.We are changing that through the next generation segmentation platform.

Fulcrum is an AI-powered Adaptive Segmentation platform for B2B companies that goes beyond traditional segmentation. Fulcrum acts as a co-pilot for segmentation by automatically recommending key user segments, understanding effectiveness of each segment and highlighting their impact on key business KPIs.We believe a single source of truth for segmentation can help break down functional silos. This is why Fulcrum automatically syncs dynamic segments to application code through  first-class SDKs, CRM platforms (like Salesforce), email marketing platforms (like Marketo & Iterable) and product engagement tools (like Pendo).



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AJ Jindal, Co-Founder & CEO, Fulcrum
AJ Jindal
Co-founder, CEO
Sharad Bhadouria, Co-Founder & CTO, Fulcrum
Sharad Bhadouria
Co-founder, CTO