Scale Customer Growth
with AI-first CSM

Fulcrum is an AI-first success software that automates customer objectives tracking, measurable outcomes, at-risk customer identification and cross-channel customer communication across all customers to help grow NRR without requiring more CSMs.

Fulcrum - Grow Customer Revenue

Struggling with Net Revenue Retention growth?

You have limited resources to boost expansion and reduce churn for all accounts. Your teams are busy with large accounts and chasing small to mid-tier customers doesn’t scale.


AI-first Success

Fulcrum helps solve your most common obstacles for the success across all customers.

Grow Expansion, Reduce churn

Automate Measurable Outcomes for All Your Customers

Fulcrum tracks your customers' objectives, connects them to data points and automates measurable outcomes across all customers.

Customers who see measured progress have upto 6x higher chances of staying and growing with you.

Fulcrum RoI scorecard
Automated and Adaptable Dynamic Segments
Be Proactive

AI-based Adaptable Segmentation

Fulcrum’s AI algorithms are fine tuned to your business to automatically detect key customer segments including churn-risk accounts, expansion accounts and many more.
Dynamic segments are tailored to your goals and adapt to your customers' evolving behavior.

Save cost

Automate Omni-channel Playbooks

Guide customers to maximize their individual ROI and achieve their goals.

Fulcrum’s no-code platform helps you create cross-channel playbooks tailored to dynamic segments.

User Onboarding and Account Onboarding
Segmentation impact ok KPIs and Business Goals
Prove Business Impact

Automate Impact Reporting

Fulcrum automatically tracks how each customer and segment is achieving their ROI and sends you leadership ready reports.

Quick Setup

Setup in less than an hour

Setup your AI-first customer success companion in less than an hour

Fulcrum connects product, CRM, warehouse and account data to bring customer 360 together.

Google Big Query
AWS Redshift
Amplitude Analytics
Customer Segmentation on Mixpanel
Heap Analytics
Twilio Segment

CX Leaders Love Fulcrum

Greg Daines, CEO - ChurnRX

Merely measuring customer results doubles customer lifespan, while customers who achieve expected results stay 6 times longer!

Tom Blossom, former Head of CX, Tecton,

To grow NRR you must help all customer achieve their objectives. Fulcrum enables this at scale and I've never seen a solution connect the dots so well.